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Loft Goods Shelf
  • Loft Goods Shelf
  • Loft Goods Shelf
  • Loft Goods Shelf
  • Loft Goods Shelf

    Loft goods shelf system, usually use medium shelf or heavy shelf as a major support and combined with floor panel(according to the total load weight of the shelf to choose shelves), floor panel usually choose cold-rolled steel floor panel, pattern steel floor panel, or steel grille floor panel. In recent years cold rolled steel floor panel use more, has good loading capacity, good integrity, good uniformity, high precision, quite smooth walkway surface and easy to lock etc. advantage. There are many types to choose, and easy to match the lighting system, convenient to access and management. Loading capacity of floor within 500 kg, floor spacing from 2.2m to 2.7m, height of first level is around 2m, give full consideration to the staff operation convenience.

    Loft goods shelf feature

    1. All packaged structure, can be combined in any way, installation and remove conveniently.

    2. Upright, girder, secondary beam sectional area material optimize, has good loading capacity.

    3. Surface electrostatic powder spraying processing, shape beautiful.

    4. According to the actual site and need, flexibility design to two-story and multi-layer, applicable to many varieties and small batch goods, full use of space. 

    5. The lower floor is shelf form, the upper floor can be platform or shelf structure, the bottom shelf can store materials and supporting the floor, extremely flexibility.

Product Name: Loft Goods Shelf