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Heavy Duty Shelf
  • Heavy Duty Shelf
  • Heavy Duty Shelf
  • Heavy Duty Shelf
  • Heavy Duty Shelf

    Heavy shelves: shelf called heavy pallet rack, for a major, highly adapted to a wide range of mechanical access, select and high efficiency. Rich types of goods can be stored, with the tray and various attachments, resolve access issues most of the material. Access machine comprising: forklift trucks, reach trucks, Stacker.

    The company produces heavy-duty shelf used in all first-class steel production, stable quality accessories using coupon connections, assembly and convenient, adjustable beam and use with a variety of accessories. Products using high-quality surface coating materials, automatic spray treatment to ensure long lasting use, with long-term economic value. Surface color blue group as a pillar, beam, cross-beam orange, bright and easy to create storage space.


    1. Pillars set up a top-down delivery times crosswise reinforced structure is more reasonable;

    2. The one-piece beam, the Department of product design patent can be installed activity badges can be laid directly on galvanized steel grating;

    3. Multi-column folded surface, 90 * 70 column up to 21 surfaces, solid stable;

    4. Coupon bidirectional hanging tooth new structure is currently the only use of that beam stress condition better.

Product Name: Heavy Duty Shelf